Brunswick & Topsham Water District
Quality and Reliability Since 1903    

Welcome to Brunswick & Topsham Water District

We have been serving the communities of Brunswick and Topsham since 1903.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable drinking water possible. With our highly trained and professional staff, and through diligent monitoring and management, we have been able to preserve and improve on our mission for over a century.

We are providing this web page to our customers to not only educate and assist in water use and conservation, but also to facilitate communication between members of the community and the District.

Important Information for Brunswick residents in the area of Columbia, Baribeau, McKeen, Weymouth, Hennessey, Stanwood, Spring, Pleasant, and all the streets in between:

We know there is a lot of snow out there and we need your help.  We are having an extremely difficult time locating the remote for our water meter on the outside of your house.

We need access to our remote reader to get your quarterly reading for an accurate bill.  We would appreciate you taking the time to shovel out the area, exposing the remote reader.

Thank you for your help!