Brunswick & Topsham Water District
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Kid's Corner

Grade Level 3 & up

Play Tip Tank!  A water conservation game of concentration.

Download and print our activity book that is filled with games, coloring pages, and fun trivia!!

Bert & Phil's Water Busters!- Help Bert and Phil quickly find and fix water leaks around the house before high water bills wash them away.

Word Scramble- Unscramble the words in each sentence to find the correct answer.

Test Your Water Sense- Move the water-efficiency hero Flow through water pipes and answer water-efficiency questions while avoiding water-wasting monsters such as Sogosaurus and Drainiac.

Grade Level 6 & up

Build Your Own Watershed- An activity to illustrate the basic properties of a watershed.

Question & Answer Game- (pdf file) A card game that you can print and cut apart the individual cards. The game is played by one team reading the Answer from the card and the other team has to guess the correct Question that relates to the Answer.

Decision Making- Your class will represent all of the citizens of Priceford. A major corporation wants permission to build a tank farm just outside of the town and both sides must be heard at a town meeting in your class.

Water Filtration Project- A class activity to demonstrate the procedures that municipal water plants may use to purify water for drinking.