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BTWD & ReVision Energy

One of the goals of the Brunswick and Topsham Water District has always been to provide our customers with the utmost quality and reliability of our water and water infrastructure.  In an effort to increase our sustainability, the District has partnered with ReVision Energy as part of a larger solar project that generates clean energy throughout the state of Maine.  By partnering with ReVision, the communities of Brunswick and Topsham will be able to share in the environmental and financial benefits of clean energy.


The 4.2 Megawatt solar array, located in Acton, was installed by ReVision Energy, in partnership with Soltage, a national independent renewable power producer.  Since December of 2021, we have owned an 872 kilowatt share of the solar project, which will generate over 1,174,000 kwh for our community annually.  The solar array is comprised of 11,040 solar panels in total and produces approximately 5,650,934 kilowatt hours each year.  That is enough power to offset over 80% of electrical usage for the District. 


The project was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement, which means there was no upfront cost for the District.  ReVision Energy paid for the upfront cost while we pay for the power generated from the project each month, rather than paying for power from standard generation.  This structure allows our communities to receive the benefits of solar power on a positive cash flow basis.


All of this is made possible by LD 1711, which was passed in 2019 and promotes the building of local solar arrays up to 5 MW AC in size.