Track My Water Usage

**NOTICE: Please be aware on or after January 1, 2022 Brunswick Topsham Water District's service provider is terminating the customer portal. 

We are trying to find a cost competitive alternative, but have been unable to locate a provider. 

If there are specific items or questions you have please call the main office and we will do our best to assist you.**

The Brunswick & Topsham Water District is introducing a new way to track your water usage.  

After a quick meter update, the customer is able to sign up for access to their online usage account. 

The Mi.Data system designed by Mueller Systems is an easy-to-use web portal 

that allows the customers to monitor their water consumption, compare current and previous usages, 

and also configure alerts to avoid any "surprises" on future bills.  

If you do not have an account, simply drop an email to with the following information:


Service Address

Account Number (optional)

Email Address

Desired Username

Click on the link below to access your account today!